Pinoys in NY prepare for Calungsod's sainthood

Posted at 08/27/2012 5:21 PM

NEW YORK - The San Pedro Calungsod Organizing Committee in New York is busy preparing for the Filipino martyr’s official recognition to sainthood in October.

“Sa October 21, ito po yung araw ng canonization. Ang ibig sabihin po ng canonization siya po ay magiging santo. Gagawin po yan ng ating mahal na Papa, si Pope Benedict XVI, together with several other saints from other countries," said Monsignor Pepe Quitorio of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).

Calungsod will be the second Filipino saint to be canonized by the Vatican, after San Lorenzo Ruiz. He was 17 when he died defending his catholic faith against Guam natives in 1672.

But it was through the recovery of his devoted follower, a woman in Cebu who came out of comatose after praying to Calungsod, that proved to the Vatican that the Filipino martyr is worthy of sainthood.

Ed Lago, a Calungsod devotee from New Jersey, said he is thrilled to have another Filipino saint.

“As a Filipino I welcome the new Saint. Seldom do we have saints here. If you do good in life there's always that reward in heaven” said Lago.

But former Philippine Ambassador to the United Nations and Co-chair of the National Celebration Committee Hilario Davide said he thinks that there are still many Filipinos who are not aware of this historical event.

“We are hoping that this big Spiritual event, the canonization of the second Filipino saint, would be able to gather enough Filipinos to join the pilgrimage for the canonization at the Vatican,” said Davide.