Lawyer: Wala kaming pinagsamahan ni Brion

Posted at 07/24/2013 11:40 AM

MANILA - A lawyer denied Wednesday that he has worked with Supreme Court Associate Justice Arturo Brion despite working for the same law firm in the past.

In a statement, Atty. Edmund Reyes, confirmed that he and Brion are in the same fraternity, the Fraternal Order of Utopia, but denied that they worked together at the law firm Siguion Reyna, Montecillo and Ongsiako. This is amid a motion for Brion to inhibit in the case of Reyes' sister, Marinduque Rep. Regina Reyes

"Wala kaming pinagsamahan ni Justice Brion...As far as our legal profession, although Justice Brion joined the same law firm, I was no longer working there since 1995 as I took up my full time MBA course then campaigned, ran for and served as congressman. That is why I had no chance to serve as a co-worker, underling or any other capacity with Justice Brion in the law firm," Atty. Reyes said.

He also noted that another SC magistrate, Roberto Abad, is a frat brother but still voted with the majority in his sister's case.

"Although we have the same fraternity, Justice Roberto Abad is also our brod but voted with the majority. Clearly, being in the same frat has no connection with the vote."

He added: "Wala kaming pinagsamahan ni Justice Brion tulad ng four or more years of boss at deputy boss relationship of other persons connected with the case of my sister."

Private respondent Joseph Socorro Tan earlier sought Brion's inhibition in the Reyes case because of the SC magistrate's alleged ties to Atty. Reyes.

Congresswoman Reyes is seeking to overturn an SC ruling affirming a Commission on Elections decision to disqualify her due to issues about her citizenship. The congresswoman has said the House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal, not the Comelec, has jurisdiction over her case.

She also said the SC decision favors her electoral rival, Lord Allan Jay Velasco, who is the son of SC Associate Justice Presbitero Velasco Jr.